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Greengage Day

You may now be getting familiar with the ‘Ville Mice’ and their mischievous adventures, there seems to be no end of trouble that these little mice can get themselves into…

Meet Georgette Claudevert, wife of the local, (and very conservative – some may say boring) greengrocer Hervé Claudevert. Due to her married namesake, Georgette is convinced that she is in some far off distant way related to Claude, the very, very characterful 16th century French princess and after whom the greengage fruit, (or Claude Reign) is named.

So this year, when the little green fruits came into season and her husband’s shop was overflowing, Georgette decided to take her boring life into her own hands and realise her wild and promiscuous destiny.


Unbeknown to Hervé, Georgette had been casting her mousy eyes over the muscular local fireman, Bernard D’eau. His strong arms and mousy swagger were about as much as poor Georgette could bear and one particularly boring afternoon in September, she snapped. She had overheard a conversation in the Boulangerie about Bernard’s love of Claude Reign Tarte so without a second thought she gathered every last little, green fruit and began baking, planning to deliver her delicious fair to Bernard’s house and seduce him. But nobody, not even Georgette had counted on how sticky the baking process and hence the end result would be. In her eagerness to impress the rippling fireman she overloaded her tiny oven and caused a small fire. Next, the sticky caramel sauce bubbled over on the hob causing poor Georgette’s paws to become stuck fast to the floor. Of course on hearing the commotion and smelling the burning tartes the fire brigade was called immediately. Bernard and his fellow firemen found poor Georgette in her nightie, covered in green stains and a bit singed around the whiskers. I’ve heard tell that it took seventeen hours to chip Georgette free from the hard set caramel and that no amount of hot water would remove the sticky, green sauce from her fur.


Georgette and Hervé are still married. The incident was never mentioned again.b-greengage01 b-greengage02 b-greengage03 b-greengage04Georgette is available to buy from my shop and is £44.99 plus P&P